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The BT100 is a hand-held battery, cranking, and charging system tester for 12V batteries. Providing quick, precise, and efficient results, this device is a terrific addition to your garage tools. Its price, versatility, and dealer-level accuracy make the BT100 the right tool for the DIY community. Its easy-to-use software helps first-time operators to get the job done with ease. With this product, you will identify battery and charging problems quickly, efficiently, and accurately. This fast and accurate tool will have clients coming back to you for on-point service.


  • Battery Test Includes: State of Health, State of Charge, Voltage, Current, Rating, and Analysis
  • Cranking Test Displays: Cranking Voltage, Time, and Analysis
  • Charging System Test Shows: Voltage Output and Analysis
  • Performs System Tests
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Intuitive Interface and Accurate Results


        • Display:128x64 LCD display
        • Working Temperature: -20°C~65°C (-4°F~140°F)
        • Storage Temperature: -20°C~70°C (-4°F~158°F)
        • Dimensions: 136.5mm x 75.5mm x 22.5mm (5”x3”x1”)
        • Weight: 260g (.6 lbs.)

        Packing List

        • BT100
        • User Manual