Your On-The-Go Jumpstarting Tool
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The JumpSurge1200 is a 1200 Peak Cranking Amp power bank and jump-starter for 12V battery vehicles (up to 6.5L on gas engines, and 4L on diesel engines).
The JS1200 allows you to revive your battery, never getting stranded on the road! It comes with a Boost Function™ that can start dead or damaged batteries and can charge all your devices faster than a standard charger.
The JumpSurge is the ideal on-the-go tool for drivers who want to be prepared for the unexpected at all times.


Upgraded Look, Same Exceptional Quality

  • New Packing And Product Design To The JumpSurge1200. During the transition period, you may receive two different kinds of packaging. Please rest assured that both types of packaging contain the same product and function identically.

Smart Protection System For Even More Safety

  • Featuring a smart and secure system, the JumpSurge1200 provides 7 different protections, It contains indicator lights that notify you of incorrect use and improper connections, providing the extra safety you need.

A Lifesaver - Safely Start Dead Batteries

  • This 1200A device jump-starts batteries within 1 to 2 seconds. It can even provide up to 25 jumps on a single charge.

Quickly Charge All Electronic Devices

  • The JumpSurge1200 also serves as a power bank that can fully charge your smartphone, tablet, and any compatible electronic device.

Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

  • This product includes a 300-Lumen LED Flashlight with 3 different modes: Continuous, Strobe and SOS.


                • Peak Amps: 1200A
                • Capacity (mAh):10000mAh
                • Start-up Capacity​: 6.5L Gas​,4L Diesel​
                • TypeC Input​: QC3.0 5V_3A/9V_2A
                • USB1 Output: QC18W 5V/3A, 9V/2A,12V/1.5A
                • USB2 Output: 5V/2A, DC 10A Max 16.8V
                • Button: BOOST*1, on the Clamp
                • Length of Clamp Cable: Positive--250mm; Negative--200mm
                • Protection: Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Reverse Charge Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Discharge Protection

                  Packing List

                  • JumpSurge1200
                  • Battery Clamps
                  • USB-C Cable
                  • Carrying Bag
                  • User Manual